About Me


My name is Steph and I’m a blogger, a fitness enthusiast, a lover of wine and photography, and a passionate reader/writer. My biggest enjoyment in life—when I’m not in the gym—is using the written word to transform thought into beauty.

This blog serves several purposes. One—I love to write and this is the platform from where I can reveal myself to the world. It’s a terrifying ledge on which I stand, but the view is incredible. Two–I’m passionate about life and I love living it. Whether pictures, short stories, recipes, or celebrations; books worth reading or products worth reviewing; I aim to bring you a little more goodness within your own world. And three—I’m an educator by nature and I love helping others. This blog is my written resume. If you’re in need of a writer–creative, technical, business, ghost, etc., I want you to see me work and know that I’m the person you with whom you need to connect. Browse around and take a look at me—my site: What can I offer you? What can I bring you? How can I help you or your business?