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Friends and Family

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Spinach for Popeye, Spinach for Me On the way home from the gym late this evening, I noticed a beautiful full moon. And it occurred to me that strange things always seem to happen when a full moon is out: the JMU kiddos (go Dukes!) always tend to … [Continue reading]

What Are You Doing Online?

Did you know... that 30 percent of the world's population is online? Over 79 percent of the United States is currently online and 35 billion minutes each month is spent connected to the worldwide web. In the US alone, the average internet user … [Continue reading]

The View from Above

I look to my left, and there’s a man–a kind of large one–with his head tilted in my direction, mouth slightly open, and snoring just loud enough for me to hear but not bothering anyone else around us.  I look to my right and I see another man–eyes … [Continue reading]